Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing (& Why We Pick Them)

There is no doubt that Apple produces some of the best sports watches on the market, and some of these are perfect watches to use while surfing.

Although what has made apple watches so popular are their seemingly endless features and high-quality materials, the interchangeable bands allow you to further customize your apple watch to your style and purpose.

There is a variety of apple watch bands available, and many will be suited for surfing, however, four bands stand out among the rest thanks to their soft yet strong materials, durability, comfort, and usefulness while surfing.

Below are four of the best apple watch bands for surfing, their pros, and cons, as well as some interesting information you might want to know before buying a new surfing watch band.

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Best Apple Watch Band for Surfing

The 4 Best Apple Watch Bands for Surfing

As there is an endless variety of Apple wristwatch bands, with different shapes, colors, textures, materials, elasticity, and more, it is not possible to list them all.

Because of this, the following Apple watch bands make a significant difference when surfing, and should strongly be considered the next time you’re changing your wristband.


Most Comfortable

The SUPCASE wrist band is more than just a simple watch band, it is a rugged, protective band that includes a protective case.

Thanks to the simple, yet strong design, this band is ideal for those who spend large amounts of time outdoors and want the screens of their apple watches to remain scratch-free and functional.

Although the screen is protected, all the buttons of the watch are easily accessible, while not interrupting the watch's sensitivity and apps.

  • Easy to install.
  • High-quality materials.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Easy to access buttons.
  • Available in an array of colors.
  • The wristband has a basic-looking design.
  • The band can feel bulky.
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Top Features

  1. Double use case: The SUPCASE band acts as both a wrist band and a protective apple watch case.
  2. Highly shock-absorbent: The band is made of shock-absorbent TPU ( thermoplastic polyurethane), and unbending PC (polycarbonate) for maximum shock resistance.
  3. Loss prevention: Double tongue buckle secures and locks and safety.
  4. Screen and surface protection: Raised bezels guard display against damaging surfaces or scratching the screen.
  1. Uninterrupted charging: Wireless charging is not interrupted when your watch is in the case.


Most Comfortable

GBPOOT is one of the most popular Apple watch bands, both among casual watch wearers and surfers alike.

The bands are designed for maximum comfort, ease of use, and to fit any and all Apple watches.

The GBPOOT wristband makes use of recycled, as well as skin-friendly materials to ensure that your watch sits with optimum comfort.

The stretch bracelet makes installing and removing the band simple, and without the need for a clip or buckle.

Furthermore, the silicone-interwoven polyester band is laser cut to your specifications in order to provide a tight and secure fit on your wrist.

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Top Features

  1. Easy to place and remove: The slightly flexible band is a buckle and clip free which allows you to easily slip your watch on and off.
  1. No bad odors: The band is both water and sweat-resistant which means you won’t have an issue with old sweat or stale seawater drying inside of the fibers and causing your wrist to stink.
  1. A Perfect fit: Each GBPOOT single loop wristband is laser cut to make a unique band that will fit your wrist perfectly.
  1. Ultra-comfortable: Thanks to the soft and flexible skin-friendly material, as well as the lack of buckle, these solo loop Apple watch bands are some of the most comfortable wrist bands available.

3. Carterjett

Best for Harsh Conditions

If you are looking for the ultimate outdoor activity wristband for your Apple watch, then the Carterjett tire tread band is ideal.

This band is waterproof, durable, lightweight, and flexible, all while remaining stylish and easy to clean.

Thanks to the band's hypo-allergenic characteristics and easy-to-clean grooves, this watch is perfect for those who have sensitive skin but enjoy the odd beating from a hollow 10-foot wave.

What makes this band stand out among the crowd is not the highly durable silicon, but the lack of screws and bolts used for fastening the band to your watch.

A special tool is needed to remove the strap from your watch which ensures that your Apple watch remains safe and secure.

  • Hardy and durable.
  • Water and sweat-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Tire tread design tends to trap dirt which means regular cleaning.
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Top Features

  1. Hardy and durable: The soft silicone straps are flexible for comfort but durable enough to take a harsh beating, whether you are being pounded by a large wave or climbing a 20-meter rock face.
  1. No securing screws: Using superior adapters and buckle clasps, the band does not need screws.
  1. This adds security as the only way to remove the strap once it is placed is with a metal clipper.
  1. Odor-free: Tire tread channels along with the band and waterproof silicone prevent the band from absorbing smelly odors.

4. JIELIELE Solo Loop

Easy to Replace and Remove

When we use a wetsuit for surfing, having a bulky watch can be annoying as it doesn’t sit comfortably above or within your suit.

The JIELIELE solo loop solves this problem by remaining thin and flexible thanks to its liquid silicone rubber.

The lack of clips, clasps, buckles, or overlapping flaps, as well as the soft silicone, ensure that the band sits comfortably on your wrist.

This band is easy to put on and take off and comes in a variety of different colors.

Because the band is made from smooth silicone, it is waterproof and does not hold to dirt well which makes it easy to clean.

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  • Easy to clean.
  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to place and remove.
  • Comes in a variety of colors.
  • Waterproof.
  • Material is thin and may break under heavy use.
  • Finding the correct size band may be difficult (a large band might be slightly too loose, while one size down is too tight).
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Top Features

  1. Maximum flexibility: Thanks to the liquid silicone used in the band, it can be bent and stretched to a large degree without breaking.
  1. Uninterrupted band: As this is a solo loop band, there is no buckle or clasp to secure it. This creates an uninterrupted band for maximum comfort.
  1. Easy to place and remove: With no straps and buckles, this band simply needs to be stretched over your hand to place on your wrist.

Apple Watch Band Buyers Guide for Surfers

It is one thing to know what to look for when buying a new band for your Apple watch, but if you are looking for a brand that is well suited for surfing and other extreme water sports, then certain criteria are more important than others.

Some of the criteria you should consider before buying a new band include, but are not limited to the following in no particular order:

  • Compatibility and sizing
  • Durability
  • Comfortability
  • Material
  • Ease of use
  • Security and safety of your watch

Compatibility and Sizing

It doesn’t matter if you find the most durable, flexible, and comfortable watch brand that is made for surfing if it doesn’t fit your Apple watch.

Although most bands will fit the majority of newer Apple watch models, not all bands are compatible with all watches.

You should take note of which watches the bands that you are looking at are compatible with, and only continue to consider those that will work with your watch.

Similarly, it is important to find a strap that not only fits the watch but is suited for your wrist.

A size too large will leave your watch loose, and increase the chance of loss.

On the other hand, a watch band that’s too tight will be uncomfortable.


Although surfing is often seen as a chilled, laid-back sport, when the swell increases and shallow waters are involved, such as the conditions often are when surfing on a pint break, the feeling quickly changes.

Between reefs, surfboards, rocks, and other surfers, there are many things that can damage your watch.

Because surfing can be harsh, it is important for your watch strap to be well balanced with durability and comfort.

It doesn’t matter if you have the most flashy, flexible, comfortable, and colorful watch band. 

If it breaks the first time it gets a knock and your new Apple watch finds a new home at the bottom of the ocean, the band is useless.


As mentioned above, it’s important for your watch to have a good balance between durability and comfortability.

It is one thing to have a watchband made from a steel bar that will never break, but it will be so uncomfortable that you will likely never use it.

When you choose your next Apple watch band for your surf sessions, make sure to choose one that is durable, as well as comfortable enough to not only wear for long periods but to surf in too.


The material that your band is made from will make a big difference when used in a variety of situations.

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For example, a soft, breathable, fabric band may be ideal for everyday use as the material prevents you from seating, however, a band like this used for surfing or other high-intensity sports will absorb odors, and begin to stink.

Similarly, a flexible silicone band that’s waterproof and ideal for surfing may become brittle in similar extreme sports such as snowboarding.

Furthermore, the material should be soft, comfortable, and free of chemicals or additives that your skin may have a negative reaction to.

Lastly, you should always consider the environmental impacts of your watch band.

Some bands are made from recycled materials, as well as recycled or reused for other purposes once they are no longer needed for your watch.

When possible you should consider choosing an approach that is less harsh on the environment that brings us so much joy.

Ease of Use

When considering how easy your watch band is to use, you should consider both how easy it is to install, as well as how easy it is to put on and take off your wrist.

Bands that require special tools are easy to place, but if the tool is misplaced, then removing the band becomes a much bigger challenge.

Although this is easily avoidable, if you are the type of person who tends to forget where they put things, then it might be worth considering a different band.

When considering how easy it is to take your watch off and replace it, you should think about how often you will need to do this.

Most surfers will want to see their watch and therefore need to remove the watch, put on their wetsuit, and then place the watch over the sleeve.

If your watch is extremely secure but near impossible to undo, then it will become frustrating which may result in you leaving it at home.

Watch Security and Safety

It is all well and good to consider each and every point above with zero bias, carefully analyze all the pros and cons, as well as let your thoughts sit as to not be too rash, but if your new band does not safely secure your watch, all of this pondering will be useless.

Some watch brands that use clips, bolts, and fixings can become loose over time and need to be constantly tightened.

Although in everyday life this may happen slowly, in an intense environment like the ocean, with the friction of the moving saltwater, your watch could (although unlikely) come to lose a lot faster than expected.

Although many surfers have had no problem with this, it’s worth considering the possibility before you make your purchase.


Finding a new and exciting Apple watch band is not difficult thanks to the magnitude of companies making compatible bands.

Finding an Apple watch band that is well suited for surfing, however, is slightly more tricky.

When you buy a new band for your surfing watch, you will want to ensure that your band is waterproof, durable, flexible, comfortable, and securely fixed to your watch.

Once you know your watch can work for an extended period of time and is safe, then you can consider the cosmetic side of your new buy.

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