Bodyboards & Companies: Which One Is Better?

When you begin exploring the world of bodyboarding, you’ll quickly find yourself swimming in an abundance of bodyboard company names, some of which you may have heard of before, others that seem to have popped out of nowhere.

Because bodyboards cost a fair amount of money, we don’t want to find ourselves paying for a board from a less than reliable brand.

High-quality bodyboarding companies include Morey, Science, Custom X, NMD, and an abundance of others.

Below we are going to look at a few bodyboard companies and if they are worth putting your hard-earned cash into.

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Bodyboards & Companies: Which One Is Good?

Does The Bodyboarding Company Matter?

If you are wondering whether it matters what bodyboarding company matters, the answer is, sometimes.

Highly regarded brands can be trusted to produce high-quality bodyboards that perform to the optimum level.

That being said, there are many smaller bodyboarding companies that create bodyboards and gear that is perfect for beginner and intermediate levels.

In short, its not all about the brand, but a good brand will guarantee quality products.

Are Manta Bodyboards Good?

Founded in 1985 by Terry Fleming and Robert Priest, Manta boards were created with the original purpose of being the perfect all-around board that would suit any weather or wave conditions.

In the current day, Manta has held up to its name as a world-class bodyboard and surf accessories company, producing boards of various materials and designed for different skill levels.

Manta is well known for its durable, long-lasting boards that mimic old-school classics.

The Manta team embraces and holds onto classic Aussie, Hawaiian, and big wave bodyboarding, making them trusted industry experts.

Are Decathlon Bodyboards Any Good?

Decathlon, although they sell bodyboards, is by no means a bodyboarding or surf brand.

Decathlon is a French-owned retail store that distributes sporting goods.

The sports retailer has 2080 stores across 56 different countries and distributes a variety of sporting goods.

As decathlon isn’t a dedicated bodyboarding company, you could expect lower-quality boards, and this is exactly what you’ll find.

Although you may occasionally find well-known bodyboard brands sold at Decathlon, it’s more common to come across lesser-known and lower-quality bodyboards.

This is, of course, not ideal if you’ll be surfing larger surf as a more advanced bodyboarder, but if you are new to the sport or simply don’t want to break the bank until you know you want to commit fully, then you could pick up a decent EPS or PE board for fairly cheap.

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Just don’t expect them to last forever or to perform as well as top-end bodyboards.

Are Good?

Another Australian-born bodyboarding brand.

Originally making high-quality bodyboarding fins, World Bodyboards owner Julio Acrio realized the need for high-quality bodyboards and began the Stealth board line.

With an abundance of top riders now part of the team, stealth boards are ideal for off-the-wall riding and boast alternative edges, which makes the boards stand out from the norm.

Stealth bodyboards are ideal if you travel and can’t take multiple boards, as they boast some of the best range of “go-anywhere” boards on the market.

Are Inflatable Bodyboards Any Good?

Inflatable boards are not made for the same purpose as high-quality bodyboards such as those made with PE, PP, or even EPS cores.

Inflatable bodyboards are ideal for kids or adults who only want to enjoy the small unbroken waves near the shore (or to be pulled on a bodyboard behind a boat).

Inflatable bodyboards are convenient as they pack up small and pose less risk as they are soft.

Furthermore, inflatable bodyboards tend to be cheap but don’t last long.

Although most inflatable bodyboards are made with children in mind, there are adult-sized inflatable bodyboards that include tandem boards, such as The Hubb Lite Boog Mat.

If you are wanting to get serious about bodyboarding, then an inflatable board is not the way to go.

Instead, if you want to save some cash, go for a cheaper EPS board.

Are Custom X Bodyboards Good?

Debbie Colwell, an original Morey employee, set out and created Custom X in 1987.

Debbie’s Custom X boards have become a go-to for professional and aspiring bodyboarders and offer some of the highest-quality boards available.

Custom X claims to have some of the best bodyboard shapers in the world and constantly works with pro bodyboarders to invent and reinvent their boards for maximum performance on a variety of breaks and waves.

Not only are Custom X bodyboards some of the best in the world, but their other bodyboard equipment, such as their fins and wetsuits, stand out among the rest.

Are Science Bodyboards Good?

If you are looking for a good bodyboard, you can’t consider anything until you have put some thought into Science Bodyboards.

Invented by Mike Stewart (9-time world champion), Science is popular among both pros and beginners.

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Mike uses a strategy he likes to call “real-time innovation”.

By this, he means he produces boards and innovations according to what works for him in the water.

The result of this is top-end boards that outperform many of their competitors.

Are NMD Bodyboards Good?

NMD (Nick Mesritz Design) bodyboards are in a class of their own.

Created by the legendary Nick ‘Mez’ Mesritz, NMD boards have become one of the leading brands since 2001, when NMD released its first stock range of boards.

Although NMD only released their main line in 2001, Nick has been shaping boards since he was 15 and has worked with some of the world’s top riders such as Ben Player (Movement Bodyboarding magazine), Dave Winchester, Joe Clarke (Funkshen Bodyboards), Steve ‘Bullet’ Mackenzie (founder of Stealth Bodyboards), and more.

Producing Quad Concave, the Parabolic flex core, the Pro Ride, and the Interchangeable Stringer System, NMD continues to be a leading innovative and trusted brand in the industry.

Are Morey Bodyboards Good?

Established in 1971 by the legendary Thomas Hugh Morey, Morey Bodyboards have become one of the most trusted and reputable bodyboard brands in the world.

Offering top-of-the-line professional bodyboards, you can’t go wrong with a Morey.

After inventing what we consider to be the first modern bodyboard in 1971 in Hawaii, Tom Morey went on to create high-quality bodyboards before selling his company to a toy manufacturer named Kransco.

Tom never got rich from his boards, but when asked about it, he responded, “Say I had sold this for a billion dollars,” he told The Los Angeles Times in 2003. “I’m still going to be sitting here in my bathing suit. I’m not going to eat any more than I’m eating.”

Although Tom has since passed away and Morey boards are in different hands, they still stand to be one of the best bodyboard-creating companies to date.

What Is the Best Bodyboard Company in the World?

When it comes to the best bodyboarding company in the world, you are going to find a huge variety of opinions

Because we all have our preferences, what we consider to be the best boards, fins, and wetsuits will differ.

That being said, there are some brands that stick out above the rest, one of them being NMD boards.

The reason this bodyboard company is so established is thanks to over 50 years of high-quality bodyboards and gear.

Custom X and BZ are other brands that highly sort of, as both these bodyboard brands are founded by original Morey (another Nick Morey design) employees.

Although these are just a few of the best bodyboard companies, they are without a doubt some of the best you will find.

That being said, you may think very differently according to your own experience and taste, as well as according to the location you live in.

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For example, the most popular board in Australia may be Manta, while Custom X is popular in California, and Pride Bodyboards take the lead around Europe.

What Is the Oldest Bodyboard Company in the World?

The oldest bodyboard company and original lightweight foam bodyboard shaper is Morey Boogie.

Morey Boogie was founded in the 1970s by Tom Morey and, although sold early, remains to this day an iconic bodyboarding brand and the oldest bodyboard company to date.

What Makes for a Good Bodyboard Company?

If you’re looking for a good bodyboard company that will provide you with high-quality gear, expert advice, and great customer service, you may feel slightly underwater with all the choices.

A good bodyboard company should be well established, have multiple years of reliable production, a following, and a well-known name.

Unless you are simply looking for a cheap foam board to entertain your kids while at the beach, you will want to buy your bodyboard from a well-established company.

New companies or those that are not well known tend to have (but not always) lesser-quality boards and poor customer service.

Although many brands tend to over-inflate their prices, most of the leading brands have a variety of bodyboards ranging from beginner to expert.

The brand of your bodyboard should have a strong social following, an established name in the industry, multiple product reviews, and a variety of products.

If your new brand offers only one or two boards and has little to no social or online following, it’s likely that they aren’t any good.

How Much Do Good Bodyboards Cost?

Bodyboards, although cheaper than surfboards, can still put a dent in your wallet, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality for the price tag.

Most high-quality bodyboards will cost you between USD 100 and USD 300, although the price can get much higher when custom-made and signature boards are considered.

Although you don’t need to buy the most expensive board on the market, if you’re serious about bodyboarding, you should invest in a board with at least a PE core.

That being said, if you are willing to go the extra mile, PP boards may be more expensive, but the price tag will show in their performance and quality.

Can I learn to Bodyboard on a Cheap Board?

Although the above companies are some of the most trusted and reputable companies in the industry, along with their trusted brand names come higher prices.

As you likely gathered, a bodyboard is an essential part of bodyboarding equipment, and without it, you’ll be catching no waves.

Although the “you get what you pay for”  idea remains true, many of these boards are too expensive for a new bodyboard to commit to.

If you find yourself in this situation, you may benefit from learning to bodyboard on a cheap board.

Yes, lesser-known bodyboard brands will likely produce lower-quality boards that are less durable and don’t perform as well, but they will still provide you with a cost-effective learning platform for you to get a grip on the basics.

Final Thoughts

Although bodyboarding is less popular than surfing, there is still no lack of high-end and established bodyboard brands and companies.

Some of the biggest names in the industry include Morey, NMD, Custom X, Science, and Hubboards, but this is by no means the end of the list.

If you are looking for a good bodyboarding brand that will provide you with high-performance and durable equipment, it’s best to stick to one of the above or a similar brand.

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