How Much Are Boogie Boards? (&Best Boogie Boards to Buy)

So you want to know what it feels like to surf, but before doing so you will need to get yourself a board.

Depending on the model, core, and where you purchase one, a body board can cost anywhere from USD 30 to over USD 1000.

That being said, Morey Boogie boards, thanks to their reputable name, tend to be higher in quality, as well as slightly more costly.

Let’s take a look into how much boogie boards cost, where you can get them, and which ones you should consider buying.

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How Much Are Boogie Boards?

What Is a Boogie Board?

A boogie board is the original name for what we now call a bodyboard.

When Tom Morey first developed the original boogie board, he named his company Morey Boogie, and the board was trademarked as a “Boogie Board”.

Although you will often hear people comparing the differences between bodyboards and boogie boards, the only thing that sets them apart is the brand.

How Much Does a Boogie Board Cost? 

Although bodyboards can range from only USD 30 to well over USD 1000, Boogie boards, because they are a specific brand, have a smaller price range.

Furthermore, picking up a Morey Boogie board will differ from shop to shop, as well as model to model.

At Morey Boogie

The Morey store is without a doubt the most reliable way to find yourself a quality boogie board, as well as other bodyboarding equipment.

Offering the widest range of boogie boards available, you can expect to pay prices between $64.99 (Mach 12 MDS) and $269.99 (Mach 7ss), and only $24.99 for the Mini Boogie 21” board.

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At Walmart

Walmart offers a much smaller range of Morey boards, and only holds boogie boards in the higher price range.

That being said, when comparing models to the Morey store, Walmart comes in cheaper.

The cheapest boogie board that Walmart offers is the Morey Mach 7, which is priced at $139.95.

The Mach 10 is the most expensive boogie at Walmart and is priced at $259.95

On Amazon

As Amazon hosts multiple sellers, you should expect the price and product availability to constantly change.

That being said, currently, there’s only the Mach-10 available for the price of $256.47 (which is slightly cheaper than Walmart).

Although there is no promise this will remain, it does set a benchmark price for other aspiring sellers.

The Prices Between Regular and Pro Boogie Boards

All Morey Boogie Boards are made with high-quality materials and are suited for most conditions, some are better suited for pros than others.

Generally speaking, boogie boards with polystyrene and EPS cores are best suited for beginners.

PE cores are the best all-around cores and are the most sold.

PP cores and other new tech cores are more expensive but offer higher durability and are therefore favored by many pros.

If we assume that:

  • Beginner boards are made with Polystyrene or EPS
  • Regular boards have PE cores
  • Pro boards have PP or mix cores

Then according to the Morey Boogie store:

  • Beginner boards cost between $69.99 and $89.99
  • Regular boards cost between $139.99 and $199.00
  • Pro boards cost between $64.99 and $269.00

The above prices are not fixed and are likely to change due to specials, shipping costs, and other variables, but this will give you a general idea of how much a boogie board costs.

How Much Does a Pro Boogie Board Cost?

If we disregard specials and discounts, pro boogie boards are, as expected, priced at the top of the range.

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One of these boards produced by Morey Boogie is the Mach 7-SS.

The Mach 7-SS is the most expensive board that Morey offers, but it is with good reason so many bodyboarders are willing to pay the $269.99 that the board costs.

This pro board is a perfect all-around board that features custom knee contours for drop knee riding, raised thumb ridges for optimum grip, and an X-Flex, PP core for maximum durability, flex, and control.

How Much Does a Decent Boogie Board Cost?

Now that we know the full range of boogie board prices it’s slightly easier to make a choice, but are all boogie boards decent, and how much does a good one cost?

Morey Boogie is the oldest and most trusted bodyboard company and is, therefore, one of the most reliable when it comes to its products.

All Morey Boogie boards are high quality and designed by the best, but some are, of course, stronger than others.

As EPS cores are light but break easily, they aren’t ideal for bodyboarders who are dedicated to the sport, or past the beginner stages.

As a benchmark, a decent boogie board will be made with at least a PE core.

This puts them in the same price range as the regular boards mentioned above ($139.99-$199.00).

Finding PE Morey Boogie boards for cheaper than USD 100 is suspicious (if they are new), and you should second think about your purchase.

Unusually low prices increase the risks of knock-off products.

Are Boogie Boards Worth It?

Morey Boogie was the first established bodyboard-producing company and remains today the longest standing and most trusted.

If you are looking for a board you can trust then you can’t go wrong with a Morey Boogie, but that doesn’t mean it’s always worth getting one.

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Everyone is different. We have our own styles, we are different shapes, and we enjoy different aspects of bodyboarding.

This makes our perfect board different.

Just because Morey boards are trusted and high quality, it doesn’t mean that will work for you.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner bodyboarder, or simply want a cheap board to play with in the shallows while you’re on vacation, then a Morey Boogie could be a waste.

Buying a high-quality and expensive board when you are unsure if you will continue with the sport could be pointless.

If this is the case you can pick up a cheap EPS or PE board from lesser-known companies that still offer high-quality products.

What Are the Best Boogie Boards to Buy?

The best boogie board will always be one that is suited for you, your bodyboarding style, as well as the conditions you’ll be surfing in.

If you are new to bodyboarding and don’t want to spend a fortune before you have decided to dedicate yourself, then an EPS board will be cheap, sturdy enough for small waves, and light enough to control.

PE boards are the best all-round boards and perform well in both warm and cold water. They also offer great flex and durability but aren’t as durable as PP boards.

One of the most popular Boogie boards ever created is the Mach-7. 

The Mach-7 is constructed with a PE core and is Morey’s most sold boogie board.

If you are looking for a good board that will suit most conditions, you won’t go wrong with the Mach-7

Final Thoughts

Boogie boards and bodyboards are often confused to be different, but the truth is the only difference is in the name.

Boogie boards are simply bodyboards made by Morey Boogie, as they trademarked the name after the board was first developed.

A Morey Boogie board will cost between USD 60 and USD 300, depending on the core, shape, size, and where you buy it.

Morey Boogie boards are one of the most trusted bodyboard producers, which makes them worth the extra dollar.

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