What To Do With a Phone While Surfing? (Helpful Examples)

Going for a daily surf is a highlight for many of us, but do you often find yourself wondering what you should do with your phone and other valuables while you are in the water?

Because there are so many options for you to choose from, we are going to look at some possibilities and help you to decide what works best.

Here’s what to do with a phone while surfing

When you go surfing, you have the option of leaving your phone at home, in the car, in a lockbox, and even taking it with you into the ocean.

What To Do With a Phone While Surfing?(Helpful Examples)
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9 Places You Should Store Your Phone While Surfing

1. In Your Car

Keeping your cellphone in your car while you surf is one of the best options (providing you have a car)

Depending on where you live and how safe it is, storing your cellphone under your car seat is secure and will make sure that it remains dry.

In this case, you will only need to worry about your car keys which can be kept with you in the water or locked in a lockbox.

2. Lockbox

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Using Car Lock Box While Surfing

Portable car safes or lockboxes are a perfect solution to guarantee the safety of your cell phone while you enjoy the ocean.

Not only will these boxes keep your phone safe, but you will be able to store your keys inside them so that there is no need to take them into the water.

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Most car lock boxes are made with combination locks so that you can surf worry-free.

3. Leave Your Phone in a Cafe or Surf Shop

Most popular beaches and surf breaks come with a selection of surf shops, cafes, and restaurants.

If you have to go to the beach without a car or do not feel comfortable leaving your valuables inside one, it is usually possible to leave them in the protection of a shop owner.

Many shop owners will be happy to look after your phone and keys while you surf, providing you make a purchase at their store before or after you enjoy the sea.

4. Guard Tower/ LifeGuards

Depending on where you are surfing, there may be a guard tower or lifeguard station. In some cases, the people stationed there may look after your phone for you.

This is not always the case, as many people ask them to do this each day which can become frustrating.

Although they may say no, it is worth a try, especially if the beach is not busy.

5. Leave Your Phone at Home

Of course, the safest way to make sure you don’t lose or damage your phone is to leave it at home simply.

Our cellphones have become a part of our lives, and we tend to take them everywhere with us, even when it is not necessary.

If you are heading to the beach just for a surf and then plan to return home, there is no reason why you need to take the risk of bringing your phone with you to the beach.

6. Leave Your Phone With Friends or Family

Leaving your phone with a friend or family member who has joined you at the beach but does not plan to get in the water is a safe and reliable option.

Of course, this does not work as well if they will be leaving before you, or if they change their mind and choose to swim, but when you are sure they will be there when you get out of the water, leaving your phone with them can bring some peace of mind.

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7. Bury Your Phone in the Sand

When you do not have a better option, you can always bury your phone in the sand.

This may stop others from finding or stealing your phone, but it also comes with a big risk.

The sands on the beach move with the tides, so there is a chance that your phone will not be in the same place as you left it.

If you choose to bury your phone, make sure it is in a plastic bag not to get wet, and clearly mark the area.

You should avoid burying your phone too close to the tide line as you may come back to find it is underwater.

8. Hide Your Phone Among Rocks

Similar to hiding your phone in the sand, hiding it between rocks has a high risk.

Although your phone will not be lost due to moving sand, it can become damaged from becoming displaced.

There is also a stronger chance that others will find your phone if you leave it under or between rocks.

9. Take Your Phone Into the Water With You

Your final option is to take your phone with you into the water.

Most surfers will avoid this as it creates a high chance of your phone becoming lost or damaged, as well as finding no reason to take it with them.

However, some people need their phones on them at all times because of work and other obligations.

If this is the case, then it is best to use a high-quality waterproof phone case, as well as a waterproof phone.

How to Take Your Phone Surfing?

If you want to take your phone with you into the water while you surf, you do not have many options.

In order for your phone to remain dry and not become damaged, you will need both a waterproof phone as well as a waterproof cover.

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It is possible to use only a waterproof cover; however, these covers can leak or may become damaged while you surf which will leave your phone becoming wet without your knowing.

Apart from keeping your phone dry, you will need to make sure it is secure. Most waterproof phone cases will come with an attached string for this purpose.

If you have decided not to use a case, you will need to drop your phone inside your wetsuit, which can become uncomfortable.

Can I Go Surfing With My Waterproof Smartphone?

It is possible to go surfing with a waterproof phone. However, it is not a good idea.

Unless you need your phone in the water because of work or other obligations, it serves no purpose and therefore should be left on the land.

Furthermore, many “waterproof” phones are not entirely waterproof but are only water-resistant.

Taking a water-resistant phone surfing will likely leave it broken from too much water.

Why You Should Use Waterproof Phone Cases

If you are taking your cellphone surfing with you, it is likely that it is important to you and possibly your work.

Even if your phone is waterproof, it is always a good idea to use a waterproof cover as extra protection.

Above the protection, waterproof cases are often buoyant and come with an attached cord.

Both of these are important as the cord will help you secure your phone to your body, and the buoyancy will make sure your phone does not sink if it becomes unattached.

Why Surfers Would Go Surfing With Their Phone

As mentioned before, most surfers will not take their phones into the water with them. However, there are some circumstances that require you to keep your phone on you at all times.

Some of these reasons are related but may not be limited to the following:

  • Doing on-call for work when surfing.
  • Being available in case of family emergencies.
  • Time obligations such as work or meetings (only relevant when you do not have a waterproof watch).
  • To take pictures or videos of yourself and others surfing.


Most surfers do not take their phones into the ocean with them while they surf. Most will choose to keep their phones in their car or stored safely at home.

Others choose to hide their phones around the beach or trust a shop owner with their valuables.

That being said, some people need to keep their phones on them at all times, even in the ocean.

what to do with a phone while surfing?(Helpful Examples)
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