How to Build a Surfboard Shaping Stand? (9 steps included)

It is time to start shaping your first surfboard, but before you do so, you will need somewhere to shape it.

Surfboard shaping stands are expensive if you buy them ready-made, but making yourself one is simple, cheap, and will give you a sense of accomplishment when you are done.

Surfboard stands need to be secure and sturdy so that your board does not move as you sand and shape it, but it also needs to be soft so that you do not damage your surfboard in the process.

Throughout this article, we are going to discuss how to make a cheap but effective surfboard shaping stand that will take minimal effort but produce a perfect result.

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Surfboard Shaping Stand 1

Design Your Surfboard Stand

Before you begin building anything, you should always have a plan and design. To do this, you can use google sketch, Microsoft paint, or draw out your design by hand.

You do not need to draw like an architect to do this. It is just to get a simple idea of what you will be building so that you can prepare everything you need to size.

Remember, you only get to cut everything once, so planning is perhaps the most important part of this project.

There are multiple ways to build a surfboard shaping stand, both from using only wood or metal or using a combination of materials.

For this example, we are going with a mix of wood, plastic buckets, and concrete as it is the simplest method.

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Surfboard Shaping Stand 2

Materials for a Wooden Surfboard Shaping Stand

Below is a list of materials you will need to construct a surfboard shaping stand. Keep in mind that the dimensions of the wood do not need to be exactly the same. The important part is that the base beam is wider than the two side beams.

You should also make sure that the base is approximately 4 inches wide, as this will allow for a comfortable fit for your surfboard.

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Apart from this, the heights and dimensions can change as long as the stand is comfortable working height and stable.


  • 4×6 30” length (x2)
  • 2×4 22” length (x4)
  • 2×4 6” length (x4)
  • Carpet scraps or foam from a pool noodle or something similar
  • 20kg ready mix concrete
  • 20 Gallon (20l) bucket (x2)
  • Self-tapping screws approximately 4” long (approximately x30)
  • Wood glue
  • Wood saw/ Radial saw
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Scissor/ crafting knife
  • l Spirit level

Most of the materials can be found on – Amazon

You can check this website or use your supplies at home for wood beams.

Method for Building a Wooden Surfboard Shaping Stand

Once you have prepared all the materials you need and have a laid-out design idea, it is time to begin cutting, shaping, and constructing your surfboard shaping stand.

Step One:

Using the tape measure, pencil, and ruler, measure out each beam to its required length.

Make sure to use the ruler in order to guarantee you create a straight cut. If the beams are not straight, you may have difficulty keeping them upright later, or your surfboard will not sit correctly in the stand.

Once the beams have been measured, use your wood saw, or radial saw to cut the beams to length.

Remember to use safety glasses and gloves if you make use of heavy machinery.

Whenever working with wood, make sure you measure twice before cutting. You will not get a second chance.

Step Two:

Using the pencil and tape, measure 8” from the top of the 4×6 and make a line. Repeat this on opposite sides of the 4×6 (marking the 4” face).

Step Three:

Place a 2×4 beam in line with the pencil marking on the 4×6, and using the drill, screw it in.

It is a good idea to use some wood glue before using the screws in order to create extra support. 

To make sure that the beams do not move, it is a good idea to place two screws at the top of the 4×6 and two screws close to the bottom of the 2×4.

Once this is complete, you can repeat with the other 2×4 on the opposite side of the 4×6 beam.

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Step Four:

Place the constructed leg in the center of the bucket. If the beam is not exactly in the center, it will not be a problem, but the closer you can get to the center, the better.

Most importantly, the beam should be straight up. This is an excellent time to use a spirit level to make sure the top of the stand is at a 90-degree angle.

Step Five:

Pour the ready mix concrete into the bucket and make sure that the stand is still level. 

If you are struggling to keep the stand upright, you can secure it with the stones first or use a few larger stones to hold it in place while you pour in the mix.

Once the concrete is in the bucket, you can add the required amount of watermarked on the concrete bag and wait for it to dry (this could take between 24 – 48 hours, depending on the water mix and your climate).

Step Six:

While waiting for the concrete to dry, you can repeat all the above steps for the second stand. 

Before adding water to the second bucket, you should make sure that both your stands are at the same height and are level. This should be perfect if your floor is level and if you cut each beam correctly.

Step Seven:

While waiting, you can prepare the carpet, rubber, or sponge that you plan to use.

The carpet should be wide enough to cover the width of the top of the stand and long enough to loop through the middle (as indicated by the image above).

If you are using a sponge or rubber, you may need to cut different sized pieces to secure onto the beam’s edges (as they will not loop in the same way as carpet).

Remember to prepare enough for both stands.

Step Eight:

Once the concrete is dry, you can take the 6” long 2x4s and screw them into the top of the stand. 

There should be a piece on top of each beam facing outwards as if you were making shoulders on top of a body (see picture above for reference).

Use two screws as well as wood glue to make sure the shoulders are properly secured.

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Step Nine:

Once the shoulders are attached, you can place the carpet on the top of the stand, as shown in the picture above.

The carpet should be looped in a “U” shape so that your surfboard can sit comfortably inside the stand.

It is best to use both glue and screws to attach the material. You can screw the carpet into the shoulders that you have created.

Repeat this on the other stand, and your surfboard shaping stand will be complete.

Alternative Methods

If you wish to make a neater stand, it is possible to replace the plastic buckets and concrete with a wooden base.

To do this, you will need additional wood and construct the stand base something similar to the image below.

Surfboard Shaping Stand 3
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Surfboard Shaping Stand 3

This stand can also be made from metal beams or poles, but for this, you will need a welding iron and an angle grinder with a metal cutting disk.

If you are planning to make a stand from metal, it is best only to do so if you have experience working with metal.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Surfboard Shaping Stand?

Making a surfboard shaping stand from wood, concrete, and buckets is the cheapest, most time-effective way to go about the process (unless you already have all the materials and know-how to do so with a wooden base or metal).

To buy a ready-made stand you can expect to pay between USD 300 and USD 500, but building one yourself should not cost you more than USD 100.

This will be even cheaper if you know where to find scrap wood, or if you have your own supplies waiting for you at home.

(If you are planning to buy one, you should check this awesome ready-made Surfboard Shaping Stand and purchase it from here )

Final Thoughts

In order to shape a surfboard, you will need a stand that is at the right height, stable, secure but is also soft enough as not to damage the board you are shaping.

Following the above design is an effective way to create a surfboard shaping stand, even if you have no woodworking or construction skills.

Although this stand is not ascetic as a store-bought stand, it will cost less than half the price, and most importantly, it will work just as well.

Now that your stand is complete, it is time to get shaping! 

How to Build a Surfboard Shaping Stand?
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