Our 7 Favorite Waterproof Phone Cases for Surfing (With Pictures)

When going surfing, we often have no idea what to do with our phones. Of course, there are options such as leaving them in a car or a coffee shop, but what if you need to take your phone with you into the ocean?

A good Waterproof phone case can be the difference between your phone’s safety and an unwanted trip to the mall for a replacement.

Not only should a waterproof phone case be waterproof, but they need to be secure and sturdy, especially if you will be using them while surfing.

Below, we will look at a few of the top waterproof phone covers that are ideal for surfing and help you decide what is right for you and your purpose.

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7 Waterproof Phone Cases for Surfing You Should Check Out:

Even once you have looked through all the important criteria above, it can still be intimidating to find a waterproof cover that best suits your needs.

With so many products on the market, it can be easy to get lost. The list below is a few of the top waterproof phone covers that will be suited for you as a surfer.

1. Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case

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The Aquapac is a 100% waterproof phone pouch sourced from recycled and sustainable material.

The Aquapac boasts an ultra-clear TPU, which allows perfect use of a touch screen and includes an optically clear LENZFLEX lens window for crystal clear pictures.

The Specs:

Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionNo cardholders but can work with bigger sizes.
SizeMini, Small, Plus Size, plus Plus Size.
BuoyancyPartly buoyant when air is trapped in the pouch.
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (continuous immersion up to 30ft/ 10m.
PriceUSD 30.30
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Multiple sizes for different phone types.
  • Adjustable neck strap.
  • Includes camera lens.
  • Specified phones do not always fit the size if they have added hard cases.
  • The cases may begin to leak after as short as a year.
  • Pictures come out blurry if the phone is not fitted perfectly.
  • Only 3 available colors.

2. Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

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The Syncwire waterproof pouch is an ideal cover for surfers. With protection up to 100ft (30m), it will secure your phone in most surf conditions.

These pouches come with multiple different screen colors and an attached neck strap.

As a bonus, the sync wire is compatible with most phones up to 7 inches, such as the iPhone 12/11, iPhone 12/11 Pro, iPhone 12/11 Pro Max, etc.

This pouch is perfect for surfers as not only is it fully waterproof, but it has added space for cards and cash.

Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionExtra space for cards and cash.
SizeIt fits phones up to 7 inches
BuoyancyPartly buoyant when air is trapped in the pouch.
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (30ft/ 10m – 30m depending on time)
PriceUSD 11.99
  • Does not work well with large hard phone covers.
  • Does not support fingerprint unlocking.
  • Does not do well at deep depths.
  • Lanyard is durable but the clip is unreliable.

3. Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case

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Holding phones up to 7 inches in size, the Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case is a large pouch designed to fit various sized phones.

Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionExtra space for cards and cash.
SizeIt fits phones up to 7 inches
BuoyancyPartly buoyant when air is trapped in the pouch.
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (30ft/ 10m – 30m depending on time)
PriceUSD 8.97 – 12.99
  • Added space for cash and cards.
  • Can be used for other purposes besides a phone.
  • Includes secure lanyard.
  • Scratch-friendly screen.
  • Easy contact for touch screens.
  • Can be bulky if you use a smaller phone.
  • Can leak when left submerged for too long.
  • May need to remove hard phone cover in order to make larger phones fit.

4. Humixx Universal Waterproof Case 

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The Humixx Universal Waterproof Case is a clear borderless cover perfect for taking pictures underwater.

This phone cover is 100% waterproof at shallow depths and will fit an array of different-sized phones.

Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionExtra space for cards and cash when using smaller phones
SizeIt fits phones up to 7 inches
BuoyancyBuoyant with phones lighter than 180g
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (30ft/ 10m – 30m depending on time)
PriceUSD 23.99
  • Borderless clear cover makes using the camera on both sides of your phone possible.
  • Fits multiple sized phones.
  • Enough space for cards, cash, and ID.
  • Limited colors.
  • Complicated seal.
  • Tight fit for larger phones.
  • Becomes discolored if left in the sun.

5. AquaVault 

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The AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Smart Phone Case is a multifunctional case that will hold both your phone and other small valuables.

This case is designed to float and is triply layered to ensure the protection of its contents.

Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionExtra space for cards and cash when using smaller phones.
SizeIt fits phones up to 7.5 inches
BuoyancyBuoyant with phones lighter than 180g.
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (30ft/ 10m – 30m depending on time).
PriceUSD 29.95
  • Fits multiple phone sizes.
  • Highly responsive screen.
  • Includes lanyard.
  • Floats with medium-weighted phones.
  • Does not fit larger phones and 7 inch phones are a tight squeeze.
  • When using larger phones there is no space for cash and cards.
  • Material has a tendency to tear when larger devices are forced inside.

6. Stash 7 Advantage

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The Stash 7 Advantage Waterpocket pouch is a top-of-the-range waterproof phone pouch with its durability and watertight qualities.

This pouch does not cut corners on the quality of material and is accompanied by a highly durable strap to ensure that your phone does not go missing, even in the roughest waves.

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Case VS PouchPouch
MultifunctionNot much space for other items
SizeFits multiple-sized phones.
BuoyancyBuoyant with phones lighter than 180g.
Durability100% waterproof but not shock resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (30ft/ 10m – 30m depending on time).
PriceUSD 36.95
  • High-quality strap to prevent loss of your phone.
  • High-grade plastic that lasts the stand of time.
  • Camera does not work well with this case.
  • Cover is not very touch-sensitive.
  • Only available in a single color.

7. Willbox Professional

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The Willbox Professional is a phone case designed to meet the requirements of divers and surfers that wish to take high-quality photos underwater.

This case is designed to fit a Samsung Galaxy and similar-sized phones with perfect dimensions.

This phone case has a diving depth of 15 meters (continuously submerged) and a shock-resistant cover.

Case VS PouchCase
MultifunctionSingle function.
SizeFits specific dimensions of phones.
BuoyancyNot buoyant.
Durability100% waterproof and shock-resistant.
IP RatingIPX8 (50ft/ 15m.
PriceUSD 35.99
  • The perfect cover for underwater pictures.
  • Hard cover that is shock resistant.
  • Quick take button for picture taking.
  • Ideal for shallow dives and surfing.
  • Not suitable for all day use.
  • Cannot use all the functions of your phone.
  • Does not float.
  • Only works with specific phone models.

Waterproof Phone Case Buying Guide

Before deciding between phone cases, it is important to know what you need the case for and what qualities your phone case should have.

As a surfer, you should consider the following criteria before purchasing a case:

Case Vs Pouch

A waterproof case is similar to a regular phone case. These cases will often provide shock protection and will fit your phone perfectly.

A waterproof case is ideal for those that spend a lot of time around water (such as working on a boat) as it can be used at all times to prevent water from making contact with your phone.

On the other hand, a waterproof pouch is more of a multifunctional waterproof bag that will allow you to store different types of phones and other items inside.

Pouches are perfect if you only need them for a particular situation, such as when going surfing.


Some phone pouches are multifunctional. This means that you can often fit your car keys inside the same pouch, or it may come with some bank card slots.

Although this might not always be necessary, if you need to take your keys with you into the water, it might be a good idea to look for a pouch with these qualities.

The downside is that the pouch will often be bigger and slightly bulky, which could be an annoyance while surfing.


Because waterproof covers need to maintain a high level of protectiveness, they tend to be slightly bulky.

Although this can be annoying, it is important not to buy something cheap because it is smaller.

Waterproof cases are generally smaller than a pouch as they will perfectly fit your phone, while pouches tend to be slightly larger.

It is, of course, possible to buy a pouch that fits your phone tightly, but keep in mind that it may not work if you change to a bigger phone and will likely not fit your keys or bank cards as well.


The buoyancy of your new waterproof phone case should also be considered. For a surfer, it is a good idea to make sure that your phone case floats

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This is, of course, not mandatory as you will likely have your phone tucked into your wetsuit, but if by any chance it comes out and the strap breaks, you at least have a chance to recover it without your phone sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

On the other hand, if your phone case’s primary purpose is to keep off rain and splashes, then a buoyant case is probably not necessary.


You should take note of how durable a waterproof phone case is. Ask yourself whether you need it to be waterproof as well as shockproof or if a simple waterproof cover will do.

Take note of how the plastic is and the quality of the seals. It would be a disaster to go for a surf only to find out after that your phone case has ripped a hole.

IP Rating

IP ratings (Ingress Protection) is an international standardized measurement for defining levels of the effectiveness of sealing off electrical devices from foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, and moisture.

In short, the IP rating indicates how much water your phone case will withstand, how deep you can take it, and for how long it can stay there.


Although price should never be your deciding factor, it does play an important role. Buying the cheapest waterproof phone cover will likely lead to a waterlogged phone.

On the other hand, the most expensive cover could be well out of your price range.

You should do your best to balance the quality of cover you buy and how much you can afford.

Never buy junk because it is cheap, but it is also not a good idea to go broke because you bought something you cannot afford.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is likely that you still have a few questions regarding waterproof phone cases. 

If this is the case, the following may help you solve any issues you may still have.

Do I Need a Waterproof Phone Case if My Cellphone Is Already Waterproof?

Most phones are only water-resistant and not waterproof. This means that small amounts of water will be held off, but you will likely ruin your phone if you leave it submerged.

Furthermore, waterproof phones are usually only waterproof for a meter or two deep before the pressure breaks the seals.

On top of this, many waterproof phones touch screens do not work well in the water, making them almost useless while in the ocean or a pool.

Can I Go Scuba Diving With a Waterproof Case?

With most waterproof phone cases, it will be possible to go SCUBA diving without a problem.

However, the depth you will be diving to will play a large role in the case’s functionality.

At deeper depths, most cases will leak, similar to go pro or camera cases.

It is important to read the fine print of each case so that you understand the restrictions, both of depth and time.

For the most part, most high-quality waterproof phone cases will work well submerged between 10 – 15m continuously.

What Do IP Ratings Mean?

As mentioned above, the IP rating is a universal standard of how well a case withstands foreign objects.

This is expressed as IP, followed by two numbers.

The first number represents how well a case is protected against solid particles such as dust and dirt, while the second number refers to protection against liquids such as water, snow, and moisture in the air.

In short, the higher each number, the better the protection of the case.

It is important to carefully check the IP rating of a waterproof case before buying one, as the qualities can differ greatly.

What Are Waterproof Phone Cases Made Out Of?

It is common to find that waterproof cases are made with TPU plastic. 

TPU stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. TPU is made from a mixture of rubber, plastic, and elastic.

This plastic is considered the most reliable for phone cases as it performs well when knocked.

That being said, most waterproof pouches use thin layers of TPU, which is clear and responds well to touch, but as it is thin does not provide much impact resistance.

Can I Repair a Leak in a Waterproof Phone Cover?

It is sometimes possible to repair small leaks in waterproof covers using adhesive glue or waterproof putty.

That said, it is not worth fixing a waterproof case as the risk of further leaking becomes extremely high.

Instead of repairing something that is too far to come back, it is better to replace your phone cover.

After all, waterproof covers are not expensive in comparison to your cell phone.

What Do I Do if Photos Are Not Coming Out Clearly?

Not all your pictures are going to come out great when using a waterproof case.

It can be disheartening to leave the water and find out you cannot see anything you have taken a picture of.

One thing you can do to increase the chances of good quality photos is to make sure that your phone camera is tightly up against the side of the case.

If there is a gap between the camera and the case, your photos will likely come out blurry.

Apart from this, always make sure that both your camera and case are clean and free of scratches.


As we are surfers, we tend to spend much of our free time in and around the ocean.

As fun as this is, the ocean, with both its water and salty air, is not an ideal environment for a cellphone.

When going surfing, it is possible to take your phone with you into the ocean, proving that you make use of a high-quality waterproof phone case.

Remember that quality is important as losing your phone with all your contacts, pictures, and information can be a disaster.

That being said, price does not always reflect quality, and therefore it is important to do your research before making a purchase.

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