Why Are Surfers Attractive? (Facts Included)

Tanned skin, sun-bleached hair, and a lean muscular body to die for, this is the image that is created around surfers.

Surfers have always been seen as desirable and attractive thanks to their active, outdoor lifestyle.

Here’s why surfers are attractive :

Although attraction is completely up to the individual, many people think surfers are attractive thanks to their fit physiques, golden brown skin, bleach blonde hair, and their often alternative look on life.

Below we will take a quick look at what gives surfers that appeal that many others are so crazy over.

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Why Are Surfers Attractive?

What Makes Surfers Attractive?

There are four main aspects that make surfers seem attractive, especially to non-surfers.

These include:

  • Surfing is great exercise.
  • The sun gives surfers a great tan.
  • The combination of the sun and ocean water gives surfers desirable blonde hair.
  • Surfers often have a “no-care” attitude.

Surfing Is a Great Workout

Thanks to the dynamic nature of the sport, surfing is both an anaerobic and an aerobic exercise.

This means that during paddling times you will have an opportunity to train your cardiovascular system, strengthen your heart, lungs, and blood flow, all while building endurance in your muscles and burning fat. 

On the other spectrum, when you perform explosive movements such as popping up onto your board or carving along a wave, you will gain muscle strength, stability, as well as lean muscle mass.

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Lean, well-built people are often seen as attractive, and as surfing is addictive, surfers tend to be well ripped as they “exercise” every day when possible.

That being said, surfers come in all shapes and sizes, and surfing will not give you the perfect model body.

What will be true, however, is that surfing will make you fit and help you maintain your physical health, which is attractive to just about everyone.

Remember, being healthy is happy, and being happy is attractive.

Surfers Have a Great Tan

In the western world, having olive-brown skin that has been kissed by the sun is an extremely desirable look.

Simply look around and take note of all the tanning salons and spray-on tans.

These are expensive and often result is nothing close to that tan that surfers so often have.

As surfers often spend as much of their free time as possible outside in the ocean, they receive a fair amount of natural sun exposure.

This, over time, leaves surfers with golden brown skin (the look everyone tanning on the beach is after).

That being said, most surfers make use of a wetsuit to either keep warm or protect themselves from the heat of the sun.

Ironically, that same tanned skin that is so attractive can become incredibly strange when surfers make use of wetsuits during most surf sessions.

You will notice, over time, that your hands, face, and feet have become golden brown while the protected skin beneath your wetsuit has remained untanned.

This produces a funny look that is often referred to as “surfers tan”, or “wetsuit tan”.

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Although some people look past this, to others it could be an unappealing look, and therefore create the opposite result that one would expect.

Surfers Have Great Skin

Other than their amazing tan, surfers often have soft, bright, and clear skin. This is thanks to the abundance of minerals in the ocean.

Magnesium, calcium, potassium, and zinc are all found in the ocean and aid our skin with repair and elasticity.

Surfers Hair

If there is one thing that makes the surfer look iconic, it is their “surfers hair”.

With the combination of saltwater, the ocean’s minerals, sunshine, and a carefree attitude, surfers tend to have incredibly unique hair.

Thanks to the sun’s UV, with prolonged exposure, the melatonin (the brown/ black pigment that gives our hair its color) in our hair breaks down, thus removing the color and providing a sun-bleached, golden streaked hairstyle that many people spend hundreds of dollars on hair products to achieve.

Although the sun will lighten your hair over time, it will unlikely make black hair blonde.

The blonde hair is one thing, but something further that makes a surfer’s hair so attractive is the curls that often begin to form.

Thanks to the salt in the ocean and the keratin and cysteine in your hair shafts that stick together, making the curls that exist tighter and more curly.

That being said, even if a surfer has long hair and it’s naturally straight, a surf will not make it curly.

As this curly blonde look is unique and often obtained only by spending a lot of time in the ocean, surfers tend to be seen as attractive.

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The Surfer Attitude

Surfers are often seen to have a chilled, easy-going attitude, which to people that are stressed from their daily lives, can be very attractive.

As surfing reduces stress both through exercise and time in nature, surfers often come across as happy and as though nothing in life could ever go wrong.

This attitude is why surfers have been unpopular in the past, as to others, surfers didn’t fit into society.

That “alternative society” is different, and different is often seen as attractive.

Surfers, other than their no-care attitude, often have a sense of freedom to them.

This likely comes from their stress-free lifestyle, and also why they seem to have that attitude that surfers are so popular for.

To see someone who is truly free shows you who they truly are, this makes people intrigued and often attracted to the other individual.


Attraction is always unique to every individual and what one person finds attractive may not be the same as the next person.

That being said, there is a cliche that surfers are attractive.

This is due to various reasons but usually comes down to their tan, hair, and fit look due to the nature of surfing.

Whether you find surfers attractive or you simply want to ride a wave, surfing is without a doubt a sport you want to spend time doing.

why are surfers attractive?
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